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  • Amanda Tucker
    in reply to: Title & Bullet Points

    Hey Lee,

    This is looking good and coming together nicely.

    Just a few edit suggestions for you.

    For the title, let’s see if we can  break up the long sentence after the product type into key statements:

    The key Q I had was, what is the main reason this product is used – is it eyes or skin? I have an example below which prioritizes the eyes first .. but let me know what you think…

    EDIT:  Ice Globes for Facials – Facial Globes Reduces Puffiness and Dark Circles Around Eyes – Stimulates Collagen Production to Tighten Skin and Shrink Pores – Enhances Circulation and Smooth Looking Skin


    Bullets:   Each of your bullet sentences, started with ‘ice globes’ or facial ice globes’ which may be a bit repetitive.,


    ACHIEVE YOUTHFUL SKIN COMPLEXION:  The Facial Ice Globes gently stimulate collagen and blood circulation to reduce signs of aging of fine lines, wrinkles, while also helping to shrink pores and improve a healthier skin tone.

    REDUCE PUFFINESS UNDER EYES:  To waken tired eyes and get your skin ready for the day, take the Face Globes from the fridge to give you an instant cool beauty treatment that soothes puffy eyes and skin.

    RESTORE SKIN’S NATURAL RADIANCE: Whatever your skin type or condition, your set of ice globes will pamper your skin by reducing oiliness, soothing sunburn, tightening skin and if used daily, can repair and regenerate skin cells.

    RELIEF FROM SINUS AND HEADACHES: Beyond just beauty, the simulation effects of the stainless steel globes help target muscle tension, relieve stress, smooth migraines, and active lymphatic drainage.

    For your final one, see if you can have a go at rewriting this one – key things for you to consider:#

    • – ERGONOMIC CONTOURED HANDLES  – this is a feature – so select the benefit that is created and replace this as your headline
    • -avoid getting technical with ‘materials of 304 stainless steel’ – I don’t think anyone will know what that means? (I don’t)
    • – if the handles are easy to use, tell the user why this is important — (hint, will they be chilled when coming out of the fridge?, will their hands be wet or with moisture on them ..;)

    How do you feel with the edits above?

    Amanda Tucker

    Hey Martin – we can chat about the first two weeks of the launch on Monday, what to expect, what to track and when to take action.

    speak to you then.

    Amanda Tucker

    Hey Anna,

    I have all the answers for you right here 🙂 – we created two SOP’s detailing :

    1. How Much Does it Cost to Set up an Amazon Business? – Overview of the costs associated with setting up an Amazon business and the approximate timeline of business investment
    2. Setting Up Business Entity – US, CA, UK, AU –  Overview of which country to set up your business; a quick reference to tax ID’s required and the set up process at a glance, for US, CA, UK or Australia, businesses (as examples)

    Please see the Resource Vault  /  REAL Step-by-Step Guides (SOPs) / Biz Set up SOP >>>>-

    Amanda Tucker
    in reply to: help with getting Main image mock up done

    Hey Jules – both look great.

    The angle is great because is a point of difference from everyone else

    The only thing that I would change is to make the text black on the turquoise background because white on turquoise is difficult to see.

    Did you try the other blue, so that it matches your secondary images too?

    Which one do you think stands-out? – on contrast, the image of the guy does actually stand out because of the color, as long as it won’t alienate women?

    I think you are good to go Jules 🙂

    Great job!



    Amanda Tucker
    in reply to: help with getting Main image mock up done

    Great Jules – you’re a talented designer! – love it!!

    For the impact

    • I would avoid asking ‘friends’ their option because your objective is not simply ‘what looks nice or evokes emotion’ it’s what pops. BUT why don’t you put a version of that into the one-page mock-up to compare it.
    • Looking at the main image in isolation is not a good idea – it needs to be viewed from the sea of competitors on page one.
    • This is a small thumbnail image on Amazon with your aggressive competitors.  To stand out, you need to be striking .    Your main image is your billboard on Amazon.
    • Whichever color you choose, create a page one mock-up, then to use this, look away from the screen and then back again and see which image your eyes go to first.  The image that jumps out is the one you’ll use.

    Amanda Tucker
    in reply to: IMPORTANT: Detail Page Removed

    I 100% agree with Kristin – DO NOT dispute the finer details of this trademark, focus on getting this email off to Jenny in order to progress this and hopefully get your listing back as soon as you can.

    Follow Kristin’s advice and you will hopefully get this sorted quickly – time is of the essence:

    • be factual and succinct,
    • illustrate changes you have made,
    • and reiterate the “We apologize for our mistake in that we were unaware of your trademark.  I cannot stress enough to you how seriously I take intellectual property law. My own life depends upon respect for these laws.
    • AND following you taking immediate and urgent action to remove all mentions of Dazzel from your listing title, bullets, description, and search terms, kindly request their review and retraction letter to Amazon.

    Amanda Tucker
    in reply to: Listing optimization for my ASIN B098JSBP8Y

    Hey Gordan,

    It looks like the first challenge is for you to identify the top 5 benefits of this product.

    Would you like to brainstorm those and start there?

    At the moment, you have:


    The statements above do not convey the emotional benefits or reason someone needs and will love this product.

    A great place to start is >>> Listing Optimisation Module  >> And going through the ‘REAL Ideal Client and Main Benefits Exercise’

    We can help shape them after you have been through this exercise to dig deep into the user benefits.


    Amanda Tucker
    in reply to: Please help… need your opinion on sales and what to do next…

    Great!  See you Thursday 🙂

    J-Mark Enterprises, LLC may need more than one day to give you a disposal price, but gathering your inventory and costs is a good start.

    When you present back your data, present your preferred option so that we can confirm or discuss.

    Amanda Tucker

    R&D Question from LAZAR – potential request for a poll for brand name (a few selections have not been possible due to USPTO) –

    Amanda Tucker
    in reply to: My brand name

    Hey Lazar,

    Regan is running the R&D call this week – post below and request a poll from the group –

    Then you can collect multiple people’s feedback vs one 🙂

    But make sure you check each name in the USPTO first so that you gett excited about a top vote for a name that is not available.


    Amanda Tucker
    in reply to: Another problem… with business reports

    That is strange.  I would request a call from SC  – ask for the catalogue team – and ask them to explain and help you fix it.

    Amanda Tucker
    in reply to: Sourcing brief

    Hey Melanie,

    Jo mentioned the advice below for barcode.

    But let’s go back to the packaging – this is where you will put yourself in the shoes of the customer and the brand owner:

    • What do you think you a customer needs to know about the product when it arrives?  – what do you communicate this on the box,
    • As the seller, what information do you think the customer needs on the box?
    • What information has does your competitor convey on their box – do you like it, feel it’s too much or not enough.
    • If you can avoid using extra inserts that will save you money and labor time too  😉 — so think about the printing on the box that you are already paying for.
    • AND one thing that a lot of sellers forget when designing the packaging is ‘if your box was featured in your main image – what colors, what text would POP ;)’ — Use your packaging as a great marketing tool for your listing.

    Amanda Tucker
    in reply to: help with getting Main image mock up done

    Hey Jules,

    Looking good! You got a great graphic designer to work on this super fast! 🙂

    • I would probably recommend you revert to the blue banner (vs yellow) which I originally suggested so that it standouts more, esp against some other gold/yellow ones out there – remember, this is solely for ‘how to make your image stand out on page one. (I couldn’t see any competitors using this color, so it will pop vs blend in)
    • I would also not use the guy in the image, because the goal here is to show what’s inside the planner because that is your USP  – the model doesn’t convey that.
    • The image that works well is your inside planner but if you hide part of the image of the hand holding it and show more of the planner, it will be visible in a thumbnail.
    • The bubbles work well – but just consider ‘less is more’ – esp in a small thumbnail image.  – for example, you could leave off the gms paper stock for the main image – but this is optional, vs my recommendation above.
    • If your logo was bright I would add that too, but as it is just a ‘SP’, you can add it discretely if you like to highlight this a real brand (make it small because in this instance)
    • (OPTIONAL) – You might like to change the 3D angle of it too.  If you look at CLEVER FOX and JUBTIC  images, the left side of the journal is set back and the right side pops forward, so if possible you could do the reverse (see the angle on the image below for clever fox and flip it)  — this is totally optional.
    • Adding a shadow also sometimes helps — see the blue journal on the first line, and clever fox on the bottom row.
    • For a final review, with your new image — create a one page mock like the one below

    Amanda Tucker
    in reply to: IMPORTANT: Detail Page Removed

    Hey Verna – advertising for that KW is fine, but they will probably be bidding hard for their own KW.

    But when you can, you will remove it from your listing and search terms.

    Amanda Tucker
    in reply to: BPS

    Great – I am glad these read okay to you.

    For the tingling :

    • – I think you will need to communicate this on the pack or leaflet but in a positive way.
    • – When they are using it, the first thing people do is to ready the box or leaflet for when to put it on, morning or night, etc
    • So letting them know that before they use it is the right time
    • You might want to convey something like — ‘you’ll feel the magic happen when your skin gives a cool tingle – that’s the magic of the glycine gently hydrating and refreshing your skin ‘  – on the pack, is the perfect time to communicate it.
    • Q:  do you have reviews and comments from customers who convey this in a positive way?
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