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    Thanks, Regan. Here is the new report.

    Jessica M

    Thanks, Regan.

    Here is the updated spreadsheet. I UNTICKED all the boxes. However, I have checked in the past as well as after the Office Hours call and do not see any negative match keywords on any campaigns or Ad groups. So, I don’t know if you will see any on the sheet.

    Jessica M

    Sorry. The original message was in the Office Hours page that is no longer available and it had more details.

    It’s the Ad I am trying to figure out. I am in Ad position 1 or 2 for my other 4 keywords, but my main keyword “beaded curtain” doesn’t ever show up even on page 4 with a bid of $5.00. And I am organically at the bottom of page 1 (or top of page 2, today) so having an Ad that isn’t even higher than page 4 doesn’t help me.

    I can’t figure out what I need to do to get my Ad for my main keyword to show up on page 1.

    Jessica M

    I also messed up some of my campaigns when I went to “search terms” and added some of them as keywords and forgot to uncheck the boxes for the other campaigns. So I now have keywords for all three “broad” “phrase” and “exact” on all three of those campaigns. If I archive them, they just turn gray and don’t actually disappear, but just stay in the way and I can’t do anything with them.

    Example from my exact campaign:

    The on at the very bottom is just paused. The ones in the red box are “archived” and I cannot click anything on them. I thought “archiving” them would remove them.

    What is the best way to fix this?

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    Jessica M

    Hi coaches,

    I am stuck on a situation with my PPC campaign. I cannot get my ad to show up for my main keyword “beaded curtain.”

    When I ran a giveaway a while back, it was recommended to stop the campaign for that keyword during the promotion so the clients wouldn’t click on the ad instead of the organic listing. So I did a negative match on my auto since I didn’t know any way to pause it.

    Now that my promo is over, I have tried to reinstate the ad but cannot seem to get it to show up. I “archived” the negative keyword on my auto campaign. I also have unpaused that keyword on my broad, phrase, and exact campaigns. I have raised my bids all the way to $5.00 just to see if maybe my competitors had increased their bids and I just wasn’t winning it. But still no ads. I cannot get an ad to show up even on page 4, which doesn’t help since I am currently organically ranked number 38 on page 1 already.

    I am in the top 3 sponsored positions (on the top of page one) for 4 other keywords but not my main one. I think I must just be missing something.


    I would appreciate some assistance. Please let me know what data I need to send for you to be able to assess.

    Jessica M
    in reply to: Replying to Negative Reviews

    Thank you, Amanda. I have sent that and will see what happens.

    Jessica M

    Here is my metrics tracker that I think has all the info you are requesting.

    Jessica M

    Additional documents:

    All Campaigns:






    Launch Plan Overview:

    My initial goal was to use PPC to gain some momentum with orders. I am optimizing my PPC strategy now so I can make the best use of my daily budget. I am also lowering my daily budget while I run a giveaway. I am planning to do a 7-10 day giveaway next so I can increase my ranking and hopefully receive some reviews. I am honestly not sure what I plan to do after that. 🙂

    Jessica M

    Hey Isaac,

    I just submitted the post above before I had a chance to read this. I didn’t know to include all this. I will work on gathering all this and send it ASAP.

    On the sessions per day – is that an average or do you want the rate for a time span?

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    Jessica M

    I had this all typed out to post after working on it for 3 hours and then my computer crashed and I lost it all. I will attempt to recreate it…

    The second part of my Lab request for tomorrow is regarding PPC Optimization.

    I am 5 weeks into my launch and I have been launching fully on PPC. I have been hitting my campaigns hard and I am on page 1 position 1 or 2 for each ad of my 4 main keywords. However, my daily budget has been running out mid morning and I think it is time to optimize. I also plan to do a 7-10 day giveaway and want to be sure I am using the proper keywords.

    Could I please get a confirmation from you to see that I am doing this properly?

    After reviewing the training, I downloaded my PPC report using “search term” and “summary” for the past month (omitting the past 7 days)

    The data is showing:

    • Most orders (6) from “beaded curtain” (SFR 10,173) but ACoS is 130% and relevancy is 46%
    • 4 orders from “glitter curtains” (SFR 150,235) – ACoS is 44% and relevancy is only 8%
    • 3 orders from “string curtain” (SFR 496,246) – ACoS is 27% and relevancy is 88%
    • 3 orders from “beaded curtains for doorways” (26,386) – ACoS is 216%
    • 2 orders from “door string curtain” (460,484) – ACoS is 42% and relevancy is 96%
    • 2 orders “Gold string curtains for doorways” (none) – ACoS is 20% and relevancy is 58%
    • 2 orders “curtains for a door” (none) – ACoS is 21% and relevancy is 2%
    • 2 orders “glitter string curtain” (none) – ACoS is 6% and relevancy is 71%

    I think I need to:

    1. Add these keywords to other campaigns:
      • string curtain – BROAD
      • door string curtain – BROAD
      • gold string curtains for doorways – PHRASE
      • curtains for a door – AUTO
      • glitter string curtain – AUTO
    2. I found many keywords that are high spend and click but no orders that I need to negative keyword match or pause
      • home decor – AUTO
      • beaded curtain – EXACT
      • curtains – AUTO
      • string curtains – AUTO
      • string curtains for doorways – EXACT
      • beaded curtains for doorways crystals – EXACT
      • doorway curtains – AUTO
      • beaded curtains – AUTO
      • door beads for doorways – EXACT
      • door beads curtains – PHRASE
      • doorway beads curtains – EXACT
      • door string curtain – AUTO
      • string curtains for doorways – PHRASE
      • door curtains – AUTO
      • beaded door curtains – EXACT
    3. The following have big spend and click, but are getting some sales. I think I need to reduce my bids on these:
      • beaded curtain – AUTO
      • beaded curtains for doorways – EXACT
      • beaded curtains for doorways – AUTO
      • bead curtain for doorway – EXACT
      • beaded curtains for doorways – PHRASE
      • string curtains – BROAD
      • beaded curtain – PHRASE
      • beaded door curtains – AUTO
      • door beads curtains – EXACT
    4. I also realized I had the word “silver” in the backend field for “color” instead of “gold” so I need to fix that.

    I have attached a copy of my spreadsheet for reference.

    Jessica M

    Lift-Off Coaching Lab:

    There are two parts to my request. I will post them separately.

    The first is a critique on my two listing image design carousels. I currently have my product listed with 8 images and I recently reached out to a new designer to see if I can get my images sharpened a bit. I would like input on which MAIN image stands out the best (including a page 1 mock-up) as well as which secondary images work best with the main image and look the best for my listing (including 2 carousels with numbered images).

    Jessica M

    I am confused about my ranking. I wonder if we could discuss some ideas of possible reasons why my ranking keeps dropping (from 4 keywords on page 1, to page 2 and 4) even though my sales are going up.

    Is there something else I should be looking at?

    Jessica M

    I know I am late. I don’t work much on Sunday and I forget about asking questions…

    Anyway, I am concerned about my sales and lack of reviews. Just wanted to ask for some advice if there is anything more I should be doing right now. I am 24 days in from my launch and have had 72 orders (totalling 90 units) and have ZERO reviews. I have used the Amazon RAR button for all orders over 10 days.

    If there is no time to address this, I will submit it in the regular forum.


    Jessica M

    Thanks, Jo,

    Here is the report. I am not sure what specific concerns I have with setting up the campaigns. I followed the training exactly. But I think understanding how to find the data I need to use to tweak the campaigns daily will help for now. I also understand the process will change over time because I am using PPC as my launch strategy and will be adjusting as I get more organic sales.

    Also, here is the link to my listing. If there is time, I would appreciate any feedback to see if my high click rate and low order volume has something to do with my listing or if it is more from the keywords in PPC not being relevant to what the customers are looking for.

    Thanks again!

    Jessica M

    I’d like to review my PPC campaigns and be sure I have set them up correctly. My product went live on Friday and I have had 9 orders so far.

    I have spent over $150 in the past 3 days and received 7 orders from clicks (I must have received 2 organic orders). All but one PPC orders have come from my Auto campaign. How do I find out which keywords are being used for those clicks/orders?

    I also think my listing may need help since I have had 167 clicks and only 7 orders. I know it may be hard to tell what’s really going on after only 3 days, but I would love some advice on how I can close that gap.

    On a positive note…I climbed from page 6 on Friday to page 1 today (Sunday) for my top three keywords!!

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