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Amanda Tucker

Hi Ulrika,

For honest advice, we’d still say to avoid, because, and to quote Isaac again, “ are setting yourself for a massive uphill battle” due to the vicious nature of the category, the high competition and the restrictions from Amazon for what you can or can’t claim.

Even if you are looking at different fabric versions, you will still have ‘one hand tied behind your back’ when it comes to optimizing and preparing your listing because you may not be able to convey and communicate the true benefits of the product.  If it’s is not used for personal protection, what is its purpose? People don’t tend to wear them for enjoyment.

Also, as an additional block, if the angle you are takings is for fashion, as Isaac indicated, it’s very subjective. Fashion is tough because, for every design, customers can, love it, or hate it., or just prefer something else when they have another side-by-side option, but they don’t even know.  This means it is very difficult to firmly gauge how many customers will PREFER your design over the other and top sellers.

All in all, though, it’s entirely up to you.  We have pointed out some roadblocks and concerns and hopefully have provided a different perspective from what you see on Amazon.