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Amanda Tucker

You’re welcome 🙂

Your FBA shipping plan is created exactly the same way you would do if you and shipped from your factory to FBA.

And yes, you are correct  – in your case:

  1. The ‘ship from address’ would be FBA Inspection (which repacked your units) .
  2. The ‘ship to’, will be determined by Amazon and they will confirm which Amazon FBA warehouse
  3. When you create the shipment plan, you will download the carton labels in PDF form and just send this to FBA Inspection to add on each carton.   (before you confirm the shipping plan, read #4 point below)
  4. If you have attained the transport quote from FBA inspection and happy with it, you can ask them to organize shipping into FBA but if not, you will need to attain a quote for local freight and get them to manage it.   I personally have not used Amazon’s partner shipping services to transport locally into FBA but that is a GREAT option that you can look into and select before you confirm the shipping plan.