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Amanda Tucker
Amanda Tucker

Hey Andrew,

Thanks for your Q/’s, my responses are shown below in bold:

1. As we are no longer using Real Product Talk, are we now only to use Seller Tools Last Launch and will this still have the desired effect? (Please note that I would be using this service for the full amount) YES, Seller Tools will still have the desired effect.  Seller Tools has always been a strong tool to work.  Using RPT was just a bonus (at the time). You can use Seller Tools for the full amount or use any other asset if you have them (email list, brand facebook community etc)

2. To calculate my ad spend for the first month, do I add the total revenue per week for weeks 2 – 5 from the launch planner and then calculate the 25 – 50% ad spend from this – sorry this has confused me slightly.  Yes, because the budgets are monthly, you can add weeks 2-5 estimated revenue and just divvy that up accordingly. That’s the simplest way to do it.  This way you can plan the budget for the month and optimize the BIDS weekly or bi-weekly using the guidelines below: 

HIGH-END LAUNCH BUDGET – 50% (if you are not close to your targets)
LOW-END LAUNCH BUDGET – 25% (if you are close to your targets – Maybe on page 1 but not above position 8)

3. In module 10, video 8, Kirsty advises to use the recommended CPC in the launch planner but then in video 9 advises to increase the CPC for Phrase and Broad match by 25% and the Exact match by 50%. This might be me interpreting this incorrectly, but if you could confirm please.  I will need to just double check that one. Could you leave that one with me?