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Amanda Tucker

Hey Honor,

Great job on reworking your numbers.

YES, the candle tins still look solid and worth progressing to the sourcing stage (remember this is still research until you get the final REAL COGS and freight estimates).    I also think that is a good product for the holiday period at the end of the year, which means you can launch and get ranked for this period too.

You are right with the alert on the Plant Stands.  The JS data does flag that this will be a competitive product to manage as indicated by the 1440 launch unit at a super high $14,000 launch.

Bamboo plates still look great and if you check out the seasonality (by clicking on the monthly units for one of your competitors on JS,) you will see there are several peaks in the year vs very low ‘valleys’. So again, a great one for you to continue to investigate and move to firm up sourcing costs and supplier options.