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Ulrika I
Ulrika I

I get what you mean, but ;-)) this version is something that my ideal client would buy. It is extremely comfortable, very good for the skin- even beneficial for the skin and is luxurious and looks classy. It is something my ideal client would buy as a gift or for them selves (strange times we live in when a face mask can be a gift ,-)

My concern is primarily amazon but of course also the competition and the dirty tricks in the shark tank. Will I have problems with  a listing saying ‘face mask’ in the title as I would have with ‘hand sanitizer’? Is that a reason there are not much competition, have amazon removed listings?

My thinking was that this is enough of a niche to work. At the moment there is hardly any direct competition, ok there are big sellers on that keyword but they are only partially relevant to that search term. When it comes to ranking though I don’t know what takes priority, sales from a different search term or  having the exact search term in the title? Would I still have to do 2 x their sales (which are only partially relevant to the actual search term ) to rank above?

It may not be the easiest product to list and I may not launch it at all but it is still  good to use it for technical analysis and learn from it hence all the questions.

Thank you. I love your brutal honesty.