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Honor T
Honor T

Hi sorry for posting late this has just come up, if you have time to discuss thanks.

I researched products on Helium 10 and one of the products I was going forward with after my 1-2-1 call with Amanda is “candle tins”.  I looked at the figures in JS and the top 2 champions are wicks and wax.  I have included them in my data but by-passed them when figuring out top comps. daily sales.

The search volume has changed in Magnet, I am assuming because it’s a different month and moved on and I noticed in the sales history on X Ray although there are sales around the year as you can see from the recent figures there are spikes from end of October until end of December, then spikes again in March.

The top “candle tin” product is different in H10 and JS, as is the volumes.  The wicks and wax doesn’t appear in H10 top 15 at all.

1. I was just checking the above that I would by-pass the wicks and wax and look at from no. 3/4 onward which are the top selling tins.

2. This is still worth pursuing before I contact a sourcing agent?

I am fairly confident I can source at a more comparable price, there are different otions…the top selling tins on H10 are metal and a different size to JS which are smaller but designed, so plenty options.

I know will have to stick with JS but trying to understand JS and how to look at the figures now from previously.

Also good to show the difference between the two given the recent changes and debate.

BTW I have had 4 replies so far…..for KW research – candle tin – or tin for making candles? 1; spice tin – 2; (spice tins have a much higher search volume?); small empty candle tins with lids – 1;

ps. I can only see the top 12 in the JS data, does anyone know the best way to bring up all 15 instead of having to scroll down?  Thanks.