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Amanda Tucker

Hey Jo,

I’ll quickly jump into the ‘deal theory’ first (which I know you know, but it might be helpful for others too) and then your main Q.

When you’ve got one or more deal options, I think it really comes down to two main things:

1) What is the business or product objective of the deal?

2) What is the financial outcome to achieve this?

If you have two deal options you can scenario plan the sales across 3 hours or 48 hours.  The 3 hours offers a nice scarcity factory whereas longer deals  48 hours and 7 days could take time to pick up momentum.

To take this one step further, you could actually test it.  I remember you saying LD’s works for a product, so why not test out the 48 hours, during a non-peak sales period (because during high peaks, this could be an expensive test).   Try and pick the same time period for both  – so the early part of the week, mid-week if possible.  HOWEVER …… (see below)

PRICING – Looks like they have changed the time period – bugger!  Deals used to only affected if you change the current price in the last 30 days, but now you mention is since 2020?? And any prior LD (which didn’t affect the main listing price) did not influence this pricing history.  Hmmmm.. interesting.  This is absolutely new, so I would definitely  CHECK with SC on the verbiage and context and also clearly detail that IF a deal is done NOW will it affect the pricing for a BF and CM deal, you will NOT be testing a deal now.

I did note your other Q’s, but I would focus on the pricing of the deal and influencing factors FIRST.

If might just mean you hold tight until BF and CM deals IF the investment still meets your goals.