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Honor T

Hi Cherie, this is the email –

We have a couple of big pieces of information to share with you as you are a member of our Sprint to Profit team.

The first topic is going to be about how we are changing our tactic on what product research tools we recommend.

The second topic is going to be about a product launch provider that we are going to no longer recommend due to some potential risk factors.

So, PLEASE read this email to the end as it can have big impacts on your business.

After doing a deep dive into some of our members Product Analyzer Bibles and checking and re-checking data, it has come to our attention that we can no longer recommend using Helium 10’s free X-Ray tool for product research.

The explanation is a bit complicated to explain via text, but suffice it to say that Helium 10’s X-Ray tool is not giving data that we can confirm as accurate enough to make financial decisions upon.

We are now recommending that all of our members ONLY use Jungle Scout’s Chrome Browser Extension to plug data into the Product Analyzer Bible.

There is NO incentive for us to choose one tool over the other EXCEPT that we can actually CONFIRM that the data from Jungle Scout is more accurate, and it is the basis for all of our tools and product research training as far as our Product Analyzer Bible goes.

This IS a cost to your business, but just like we can’t recommend using broken tools to build a house, we can’t recommend using software that doesn’t give proper data.

Earlier this year we shared news of a new company called ‘Real Product Talk’ (not affiliated with REAL Coaching) which allows Amazon Seller’s to use their rebate strategy to gain and boost reviews and ranking.

Real Product Talk (RPT) has continued to confirm their strategies to be in line with Amazon’s Terms of Service when it comes to rebates and reviews.

This was the reason why we tested them out ourselves and let you guys know we were testing it too.

So what’s the update today?

Well, it’s been a good few months since our own testing, and we’ve seen some good results from their tools.

However, we have recently received feedback from a handful of Amazon sellers that RPT could be on Amazon’s radar as being outside of TOS for incentivizing reviews.

So, for this reason, we do not feel comfortable to actively promote this as a launch tool or relaunch tool and will be removing it from our Launch Training in Module 10.

If you have used it in the past with success and without any issues that is great.

Moving forward, if you still wish to use their strategies for future launches or relaunches, please use it with caution and at your own risk.

If you have any questions about either of these two topics, please let us know in the REAL Sprint to Profit Forum.

Have a great rest of your week!