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Isaac Kuhlman
Isaac Kuhlman

First of all, there are some great comments by Amanda in this thread. I feel like I am reading words that I would have written myself. Lol.

Just to further clarify a few things:

1 – I have never used Jungle Scout’s PPC recommendations. So, I can’t actually state how accurate they are. I guess the only way we would have any idea is if someone double checked it with the actual product’s CPCs in Seller Central. I don’t have the JS tool suite though.

2 – As far as the magnetic running pouch goes, I think there may be some sort of off-Amazon appeal as they keep mentioning that Shark Tank has recommended the product. I looked up the best seller to see the main keywords it was getting sales from, and they were all really low search volume but basically either their own brand name or the name of the pouch “running buddy” and “buddy pouch.”

So, this means that they are just using Amazon as a sales channel for them, but that they are sort of the only ones doing it. Now, whether there is a patent on the magnet, I am not sure really, because I also couldn’t find anything on, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something about it that is patented. For me, I would probably put this lower on my priority list until some other products come to market, because a lot of page 1 is actually that same brand, and it is probably due to their off-Amazon marketing strategies.

3 – As far as the Slimming Wraps and Thigh Trimmer, it’s not impossible to sell them. You just have to (as Amanda rightly pointed out) set the expectations VERY CLEAR. So, instead of saying, “Look great, slim inches without doing anything….” You would say something like, “This product will make you visibly slimmer while wearing, but it doesn’t help you lose weight unless you supplement wearing them with active exercise and healthy eating.” (Or something to that effect…)

I have sold products sort of like this, and I could get positive reviews, but I had to work my butt off to support customers too. It wasn’t a ton of work, but when 1 person has an issue, you may have to spend 10 emails or get on a call with them just to make them happy, because they are expecting a miracle even if you don’t say that in your listing (other competitors basically set a mismanaged expectation, unfortunately).

Still, the products ARE potentially viable, and I wouldn’t just negate them for fear of having to do extra support. That’s actually a way that you can stand out in a shitty market of turd sellers. Lol

I actually like where the brand is heading, I am just not 100% clear if your ideal client is looking for easy ways to look good or they actually want to put in the work to get the results??

That’s a big distinction between two markets for female fitness.