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Regan Blee


I have also had email restrictions in the past.  Amazon did not advise this as a Performance Notification in SellerCentral.  Instead, they sent me an email titled ‘Restricted from initiating emails with Buyers“.  Check to see if you have received any emails with that title.

It’s good to hear that you managed the transition from MBS to H10 well and there was no possibility of duplicate emails.

As far as customer complaints about emails go, you don’t get told about them.  It’s just a link that appears at the bottom of their email that they might click.  So all we can do is try to make a judgement about whether customers could possibly get annoyed.

Regarding the h10 Automation, I would do the following:

  • I would make the trigger event ‘Order Delivered’ rather than 3 days after ‘Order Shipped’.    Some of your emails will arrive before the package.  This could be annoying to customers or trigger them to complain about slow shipping.
  • I’d also have more than 4 days before email 2 is sent.  Sending 2 emails in 4 days seem like rapid fire emails to me and might annoy some customers.  Also, it may not give your customers enough time to use the product to be able to review it.
  • Think about adding a filter to exclude Repeat Buyers.  The product is a consumable so presumably people might buy it more than once.  If so, they might get annoyed with repeated emails.

Thanks for posting your email sequence (the links didn’t work but the attached word doc did).  Some feedback possibly relating to the restriction is:

  • Email 2 – You MUST remove the 5 stars.  This is probably the reason for the restriction.  You cannot imply in any way to the customer what their rating should be.
  • Email 1 – remove the Click HERE.  Links are a grey area but a general rule of thumb is that Amazon does not link URLs in the emails (even Amazon links).  Change the wording to “Please let us know if you require any further information or want to get in contact with us (just reply to this email).”  NB.  I did another reword of this below
  • Email 2 – remove the CONTACT US HERE.  Reword it to say they should just reply to this email
  • You haven’t told us if there are any attachments to the emails.  If there are, then remove them.
  • Also see last bullet below about email 2 about possible manipulative language
  • The last possible thing is that Amazon might think is a URL (I know it’s not).  External URLs in your email or in your logo are not permitted.  I’m not sure if this is an issue here or what you can do about it but I thought I’d note it.

Other specific feedback on the email content

  • Email 1 – I’d start with a thank you for buying the product.
  • Email 1 – the sentence flow is not quite right.  The first sentence is actually asking 2 statements without a joining word like ‘and’.  Either add ‘add’ or break it up into 2 sentences after the date (my preference).  NOTE: shouldn’t the date be in DD/MM/YY format in the UK?
  • Email 1 – the sentences after the picture don’t flow properly.  You’ve offered to provide information twice and I think the “delight your taste buds” question is in the wrong spot.  I’d reword along these lines . . .
    We hope you really enjoy our range of spices.  Which one do you start with to delight your taste buds?  It’s not an easy choice!   We would love to hear what you think and how you’ve used them!  
    If you’d like more information on these Authentic spices, please just let us know.  Or if you have any concerns, we’re here to help.  You can contact us simply by replying to this email.
  • Email 2 – remove the sentence beginning with “Feedback really affects our ability .. . ” That paragraph has mixed message as it starts out as an offer to help the customer but then you turn it into them helping you.    Besides, the beginning of the email already asks for feedback and says that you appreciate it.
    In addition, the words could be seen as manipulative being so close to request for a review, i.e. please give us a review but be aware that your feedback really affects our ability to sell and be successful

Another more general comment about your emails is that they are quite short and don’t seem to add a lot of value to the customer.  Perhaps you can think about whether a customer would actually get value or enjoyment out reading the emails.  Maybe you can add some additional content about using the spices.

I hope all that helps



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