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Debble W


I just have not had any email communication from Amazon stating why blocking emails?  Would this not show under Seller Performance as a violation – which I have none?

Possible issues feedback:

The most likely cause will be the wording.  So, I  suggest that you post your follow-up email templates here so that we can review the wording.  Please give details of when they get sent and specify the rules (like which email applies to which ASIN). I have two emails that go out and the same wording for all the products. Not sure if can view these links so also copied into word and attached.



Another thing that can cause restrictions are customer complaints.  If your emails are well-worded then you shouldn’t get complaints but we can give you some feedback along those lines. Dont think I would have had complaints, but let me know what you think.

Sending multiple emails (especially asking for reviews more than once) might be an issue.  When you moved from MBS to Helium 10, did you carefully manage the transition so that no customers received the same email twice, i.e. one from MBS and then 1 from Helium10?  Yes this was managed wellMBS was closed before went live with Helium 10.

I will hold off Helium 10 emails so long until receive feedback.