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Regan Blee


Thanks for posting all of that.  As you can tell, Amazon have temporarily restricted you from sending proactive emails to customers.  This is because they think you’ve broken one of the rules listed in their case ID6072800112.  This issue has to do with the email content (or customer complaints) and has nothing to do with Helium10 or MBS.

As you pointed out, the 30 day restriction was not lifted after 30 days.  I suspect that once the 30 days passed then the emails started again and then you got restricted again for the same infringement (because you continued to send the same email).  So, I recommend that you immediately pause helium10 sending more emails until you get to the bottom of the issue.

Possible issues 

  1. The most likely cause will be the wording.  So, I  suggest that you post your follow-up email templates here so that we can review the wording.  Please give details of when they get sent and specify the rules (like which email applies to which ASIN).
  2. Another thing that can cause restrictions are customer complaints.  If your emails are well-worded then you shouldn’t get complaints but we can give you some feedback along those lines.
  3. Sending multiple emails (especially asking for reviews more than once) might be an issue.  When you moved from MBS to Helium 10, did you carefully manage the transition so that no customers received the same email twice, i.e. one from MBS and then 1 from Helium10?

Also, do your emails have attachments?



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