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Isaac Kuhlman

Hey Debbie,

The numbers look good…here’s what I see beyond the numbers though:

1 – There is a copper bakeware set already on page 1 of Amazon in the UK, and they are not selling anything really (like 30 units per month right now), and the sales history doesn’t seem to support people wanting copper over the stainless steel sets. Also, the term “bakeware set” is not the main keyword. So, I would like you to redo the numbers using this keyword: “baking tins and trays” – it’s the keyword that the Prestige set is most relevant for. I am attaching the top search terms that are relevant for one of the best sellers. You can see “bakeware set” is quite low on the list.

2 – Just a heads up on the “carving knife”…”Carving knives” flip flops as the main term depending on the month. So, that is something you will have to note in order to get ranking on both of those keywords. It shouldn’t be too hard for those terms though. The numbers seemed done well with this one, and I don’t have too many comments there other than it is definitely a possible product to go for in the UK.

3 – The gel fire pit thing doesn’t seem to even be worth launching though. There is almost no demand on Amazon for it in general. Trying to scratch out just 1 or 2 sales per day is not worth the effort of launching the product, in my opinion. This is especially the case since the cost of goods is so high. It would be like taking your money and leaving it on a shelf for a long time. Lol. But that’s the only one on here that I think really just doesn’t have much sales opportunity. Also, that top competitor is ranked #3 for the term “Gas fire pit” which is WAY more popular of a search term than “gel fire pit.” So, I am not sure that’s really a product to go after since the sales are not even on a relevant keyword.