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Amanda Tucker
Amanda Tucker

Hey Debbie

Thank you for your question.  I actually touched on a few examples like this on  last weeks’ Coaching call (I am not sure if you’ve listened to the replay yet – you might find it helpful?)

Here are the recommendations for PAB:

– Complete the PAB using the notes provided  – for example taking the ‘Average Number of Reviews for all competitors over $10k per month’.

– Make a note in the far right column (under ‘COMMENTS/ACTIONS’) that the reviews are skewed by one seller but the other sellers are averaging 361 reviews).

– You can see if your JS data that there is strong evidence that other sellers ARE going very well with less than a few hundred, so that is your confirmation.

– So with this in mind, don’t let reviews hold you back on this one with the evidence above.  In saying that,  from the data you provided, you might find your launch costs are quite high for this one so check our the updated PAB in your training and the post I created last week which explains the update: