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Amanda Tucker
Amanda Tucker

Hey Lindsey

You’re welcome.

Thanks for reconfirming your thoughts on the budget and jumping into the new PAB. If you can keep the PAB in google sheets it will be easier to share and update as you go.

Sliming Products – Your reviews are directly related to your products vs the competitors.   Regardless of your brand name, customers just want and expect this product to work for them every time. The important thing is to not ‘over-promise’ in your listing but always be mindful that people tend to expect immediate results and unless you are controlling ‘other factors’ in their life, like diet and exercise, it’s very difficult to be confident that EVERY user will get the same results or any results.   These kinds of products tend to be linked to fad products which do bring a level of challenges for the reason mentioned.

PPC /estimated CPC  – While you can wait to open your account,  I’d recommend you set up your Seller Central account this week so that you can get this information.  Here is a link to a post that Isaac posted a few weeks ago that will help you get the information you need BEFORE you jump in: What do you need before you Set up Amazon Seller Account 

The cost of your Professional SC account £39.99USD per month, which is worth the investment if you want to ‘make informed’ PAB decisions.

Weighted Hula Hoop –  yes, –  I’d recommend you check both the standard version of the Hula Hoop and the Weighted version to see if the weighed HH are getting their sales from the more competitive main KW, ‘hula hoop’.  You can do this by just viewing amazon Pg-1 results on each KW.  If you have a big seller on both ‘hula hoop and ‘one of the other longer tail KW’, this would mean that their sales are being boosted by their position on the main KW.  If that is the case, it increases the competitive nature of the KW because you’ll need both KW to help you reach the goal.

Fitness niches – As with all categories there will always be ‘some products’ that are more competitive than others.  With fitness, you may need to search a bit wider to find a product that both sells well but not overly competitive.  You can also consider ‘accessories’ or more so , products that are supplementary products to go with other products (you can ‘sell the thing’ that goes with the thing’).  You may like to consider ‘female fitness and wellness, vs just fitness too, that will help you broaden the product opportunities but still keep to your ideal client.

I hope this helps you? Let me know if you have other thoughts or questions.