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Laura H

Hi Coaches,

Quick Sunday update from me:

– I’ve just realised that I tried to be clever and replaced the screenshot tab on updated PAB with the one from my original PAB therefore the number click through doesn’t work anymore and you need to scroll in screenshot tab – apologies!

– for item ‘4) couch arm table’ – ‘couch table’ could be the keyword as the best-sellers show up there too, however this is along with many other true tables therefore this could be a difficulty?

– I’ve been able to add 1 more ‘green’  to the PAB today:

Row 10) – ‘wine glass rack under cabinet’ (11,594 searches helium 10). ‘Wine glass rack’ has 11,242 searches and another potential key word.

My key concern here is ROI as it is significantly lower than 150% target.

I’ve set selling price at $18.49 however there are sellers selling same product at:

– $18.99 – 621 units/month – 192 reviews – sponsored – ‘best-seller’ label – appears on first row in Amazon search

– $19.93 (was $25.99) – 900 units/month – appears on second row in Amazon search

– $14.99 (was $17.99) – 245 unit/month – 28 4*+ reviews – ‘Amazon’s choice’ – appears on first row in Amazon search. It looks like this product launched in May 2020 therefore should it be a concern that it could become the main competition therefore I’d need to compete with this selling price? Any ideas why customers are finding the more expensive options above instead?

Thanks for your help!