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Lindsey D
Lindsey D

Hi Amanda,

Many thanks for the feedback, that’s really useful and I’m so grateful.

Regarding the budget, I’m not entirely fixed to a set amount, so if the right product costs more at the initial outlay then that’s ok (within reason!)

I’ll look into updating my PAB with the additional columns, thanks.

I totally see what you’re saying about potential bad feedback on the thigh wraps not being the wonder slimming trick that some people may hope they are. If I’m literally private labelling the very same product that already exists on Amazon, then could I assume/hope to get the same good review score as that product already gets?

In terms of the PPC costs, sorry I meant Seller Central not Brand Analytics, silly me! I thought the training said not to open a SC account until our products were a couple of weeks away from being delivered into Amazon? I don’t have a SC account at the moment and was only planning to get one when the products were almost in the US. Should I open an account now so that I can get an accurate PPC cost? Seems an expensive way to get the PPC figure, or am I misunderstanding (sorry if I am!). Could $1 CPC be under-estimating do you think? I’d rather overestimate cost of course.

I’m keen to run with the hula hoop if I can get a more precise figure on the PPC cost. The main keyword will be hula hoop, so I need to get a proper cost on that KW.

In terms of niches, have I selected a more difficult one do you think/know with fitness? I’d still like to go with one of the fitness products, but am wondering whether I create a homewares brand after this as it feels like there’d be a much wonder variety of niches within that category?

Apologies for all the questions. I really appreciate your feedback – feel like it’s almost crunch time, which is exciting!

Many thanks,