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Amanda Tucker

Position 13, page 1 is good.  I would have expected a little higher position after 10 days on a longer-tail KW but it’s still a good result if you can stick or increase.  This is the important thing to watch – does this position stick.   So keep your price low/competitive to drive velocity.

Price– You won’t start increasing your price until you have reached an ideal page position.   And by the sounds of it you are still in launch mode because you decided to do several mini launches vs a big one on the main KW. So hold your price.

PPC – if Darrell and Sponsored Profits are managing this for you, I will leave them to provide guidance on this to avoid confusion.

3 Variations:  If you need to run another giveaway using the stock from a high inventory SKU, that is a good plan.

Typically we recommend you set your price at your target price when you run a giveaway so that buyer feels they have got a GREAT deal, BUT if you change this back between multiple giveaways you risk ‘undoing’ the work you just did on the first giveaway – so in this instance, keep your price as it is and do the giveaway on the low price.