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Amanda Tucker

Hey Beate,

You have a good analysis summary. Great job!

My vote is for: the version 36″ / 16 serrated – for the following reasons:

IDEAL CLIENT – think about how they will select products for their RV trip:

  • – PRICE – I imagine that an RV enthusiastic will position their price expectations (what they are prepared to pay) at the mid-point because they don’t want a product to let them down but they will not be expecting to use this every daily on their trip, only ‘just in case’.
  • – BENEFIT – these guys want to enjoy their trip, not go through blood sweat and tears every day when using this product, so the ‘comfortable use’ was a great benefit and most RV enthusiasts travel with more than one person (although, there could be one person may not be up for rolling their sleeves up! LOL)
  • – SALES – this one is the most popular version from your chart at 13-14 units per day.  Additionally, they may have researched the best/popular version before they shop on Amazon, so with this one in mind, they could be so ready to ‘add to cart’.