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Amanda Tucker
Amanda Tucker

Hey Cheryl,

Congratulations on the launch.

You are thinking through this well.  When you choose the launch on a secondary/ long-tail KW rather than the main KW, it might mean you have to do a series of ‘mini’ launches on several KW’s to optimize the breadth of your KW ranking.

As a next option, PPC is definitely an option for you too, but when you do a giveaway you ‘supercharge’ the ranking algorithm in a short space of time.  So you rank quicker.   While it might seem that PPC can give you a higher profit return initially, as you are making money on each sale(vs a giveaway), you are investing more heavily in PPC to pay for visibility.

So giveaway trumps PPC for speed to rank.   Let me ask you a few extra Q;s

  1. When did your giveaway end? – typically you need to wait 7 days AFTER the last day, for the algorithm to catch up to show you your ranking result.
  2. Where are you ranked currently for your main KW?  – i.e: Has the long-tail KW rank helped boost ranking on your main KW?
  3. What ranking have you achieved on the long-tail KW
  4. What are the average daily sessions you are getting at the moment – this will show you how broad your traffic is.
  5. What is your average daily unit % conversion?
  6. What is your current units per day (noting your target of 50 UPD)
  7. How many giveways would you need to do on a closely linked KW to your main KW?