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Isaac Kuhlman
Isaac Kuhlman

I am not quite sure I understand what you mean here, but on launch you can have various PPC campaigns running. Are you saying you heard OUR training say that you should NOT run Research or Auto campaigns at launch? Because that’s not true. Lol.

I actually have no idea why you would not set up those campaigns, so my question is why would you think that they don’t make sense? They are the exploratory campaigns you need in order to find the best keywords to bid on.

For the current training, we explicitly say to run AUTO & RESEARCH campaigns at launch.

Then about 2-3 weeks later you can add a Top Converting Campaign.

Just a heads up though, I am at the beginning stages of updating our PPC training, and it will have some differences in what campaigns to set up.

The basic idea though is that you are just going to set up an Auto Campaign & 3 Manual Campaigns with the Match Types in separate campaigns.

So, you will have the campaigns look like this instead:

  • Auto Campaign
  • Broad Campaign
  • Phrase Campaign
  • Exact Campaign

This will help separate everything for budget, and we will also have some other training around how to find the keywords to use for the Manual Campaigns and such.