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Isaac Kuhlman

Hey Jill,

Amanda made a post about this above. I am not sure if she put any action steps, but basically here’s what I am doing:

1 – Sending my goods to a 3PL (I can also hold some at my Freight forwarder’s U.S. warehouse for really cheap). I may also send some to my home, but not sure yet.

2 – Going to do FBM via my 3PL for my launch orders (if possible), and keep sending in stock as possible to FBA from 3PL

3 – Applying for Seller Fulfilled Prime as soon as I can

4 – Hoping the limits don’t cost me too much in added expenses, but understanding that it is temporary.

That’s pretty much it.

Go through the FBM training in Module 6 if you need to refresh. 🙂