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Jessica M
Jessica M

Here is my creative brief for extra information on my ideal customer:

Relaxing and charming logo design for busy moms that promotes peace and joy..

Target Audience: Dedicated moms in their 30s-40s who have very busy lives. With the hustle and bustle of keeping all of life’s plates spinning, she needs to take time to breathe in some joy. She wants to walk into a room and feel joy spark within her because of the product she chose for that space. It brings a smile to her face every time. These busy moms value their home and garden and are dedicated to creating fun and luxurious spaces for their family and friends to enjoy on a daily basis. One of her favorite escapes is sitting on her backyard patio with friends, gazing at the exotic garden she has lovingly nurtured, with a tasty drink in her hand, while “the guys” grill on the barbecue. Blissful Bungalows is the Home and Garden brand for busy moms who desire stylish, colorful, and eye-catching products to fill their lives with joy and charm without sacrificing quality. These products are not only fun to have around, many have a usefulness that makes the overwhelm of daily life even easier to navigate.