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Amanda Tucker
Amanda Tucker

Hey Simmone,

A few thoughts for you to ponder over:

  • Have a think about the SUBJECT line of each email as this is just as important as the email content itself.   Regard your ‘subject line’ to be your listing and you want customers to ‘click into the email’ to read it.
  • On these 3 emails, the one thing that needs a little adjustment is taking the emphasis away from you and your business and talking more about them and their experience.
  • Email 2 was missing the reason for emailing and this connected to the product arriving.  You’ll use this email to check if they received the product & try and gather their product feedback but in your brand voice.

Here is a recap of the overview of each email and the ‘call to action’

  • Email #1 – Thank them & tell them what to expect. Call to action – “Reply to this email if you have any issues”
  • Email #2 – Ask them if they received the product & ask for feedback so far – Call to action – “Reply to this email with any feedback”
  • Email #3 – Ask for Review – Call to action – “Please post a review”