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Amanda Tucker

Hey Beate,

Thank you for posting.  I have added comments in Bold:

WHERE SIZE AND WEIGHT IS EVERYTHING: this saw is a must have and a no brainer to add to your camping gear – This seems a bit cryptic, it doesn’t actually convey what is the size and weight (although I know you probably meant, super lightweight and pocket-size?), why is it important or what is the benefit.  The headline doesn’t quite match the second part of the text.

2.       LET-THE-SAW-DO-THE-WORK: cutting teeth on every link make it rip through wood like butter , and it works like a steel-toothed beaver – the bi-directional function reduces frustration with bindings and hang-ups.  You have some really GREAT stuff here. I loved the ‘rips through wood like butter’ and ‘like a steel-toothed beave’.  These were awesome.    I suggest you consider flipping this around a little and using this first one benefit as your lead headline:  RIPS THROUGH WOOD LIKE BUTTER – The cutting teeth on every link works like a steel-toothed beaver and the bi0-direction function reduces binding, hang-ups… and blood sweat and tears!  

>>>> But in say the above, just try the product out yourself and really see if this is true.  The reason I say this is when I checked out ‘pocket-saws’, there were a few comments around ‘They require a fair amount of energy to get the job done so you wouldn’t use it for an extended period of time, but they will cut trees or branches in a relatively short amount of time.’.  So dont inflate a benefit that isn’t quite true.

3.       NO MORE ARTISTIC MANOEUVRES: access even toughest worksites, and relief your back with comfortable 36 Inches functional tool length, which also allows efficient wide scopes. I’m not an RV specialist, so apologies, but I didn’t instantly get the ‘Artistic Manoeuvres’ and had to think about it.   And again I have to rethink the ‘relieve your back with comfortable 26 inches tool length’ – it didn’t quite flow and the sentence construction was a little broken.   Try and think about how you would say this to an RV enthusiast friend, and then it might flow better.

4.       REAL PROBLEM SOLVER: keeps you prepared for emergencies and bad surprises after storms – remove obstacles instantly, blaze the trail!   You may want to focus on the emotional benefits of being prepared for any emergency vs. just being a problem solver.   

5.       GIVES YOU A GREAT OUTDOOR EXPERIENCE while cutting firewood or cleaning trails and pitches for camping.  You can build upon this and talk about ‘the FEELING of a great outdoor experience’ vs just using this as a statement – this could excite user much more. 


And I wasn’t sure what the ‘Search Term Field / Modified Keyword List’ was?  Was this backend search terms, you don’t need hyphens or your brand name and you don’t need ‘for’ ‘with’ etc