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Regan Blee
Regan Blee


A sudden drop in sales is scary but it has been only a very short time since you changed the price.  The sales drop could be for any reason and is perhaps unrelated to price.
I’ve gone back to reread some of your original messages.  I noticed a couple things on your metrics tracker and your other comments:

  1. your daily sales fluctuates a lot.  Lowest being 6 sales and up to the highest at 38 sales in a day with lots of values inbetween.  If it fluctuates day to day like that, why isn’t the past 2 days sales just fluctuations like other times?
  2. I’ve just noticed that you tested a price of $20.90 for 2 weeks in June.  That’s great and saves you some testing effort now (or at least supports it).  You attached a screenshot rather than the spreadsheet so I can’t run the numbers myself but I’d guess that your daily average sales at $20.90 were much the same as daily average sales at $19.99.  So once again, why do you think that the sales for the past day and a half are not just normal fluctuations
  3. You said that you added extra keywords in the backend at the same time.  Is there a reason you did that?  There is a chance that you have altered your indexing and ranking because of that (nb. I have no idea if that actually occurred or not).  Perhaps that change is what has impacted your sales . . . who knows?  This is why you need to test changes independently.

After your 1 Euro price rise (which is not a lot), you are currently priced 1 to 2 Euros LESS than your top 2 competitors.
If the buyers are truly frightened away by that 1 Euro price rise then you need to ask yourself if there is something wrong with your product because buyers don’t want it even though it is still LESS than your competitors.  I don’t say this to scare you and I don’t believe it.  I’m just trying to illustrate that things are just as simple as sales dropped because I increased my price for 1 or 2 days.

I think you need to grit your teeth and test for a longer period to get better data.  (and personally I think you should test having the same price as your competitor).

Of course, it’s all up to you.   If you are uncomfortable with how things are going, you can reset your price if you want.