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Regan Blee
Regan Blee

Alisa, I don’t have a specific department that I can recommend on this as I’ve never needed to contact them about a removal order.  I would just go through the Sellercentral Help/Get Support function and firstly pick ‘Fulfilment By Amazon’ then the ‘Inventory Removal Orders’ option and then follow the prompts from there.  I assume that you’ve already tried a similar approach to that.  All I can suggest in addition is that you try again (and again) and make it clear that you want a call-back until you actually get through to someone who seems helpful. Being persistent is the only option for you to be proactive.

I know this whole process starting with patent issue has been incredibly frustrating and stressful for you. And I know that after many weeks of waiting for your removal orders to happen that it must be very hard to be patient.  But I am also suggesting patience to you.  I said the cancellation of the removal orders would take time and I think you just need to wait a couple more days to see if the cancellations is successful.  If it is not, then pursue SC.  But if it turns out that SC just cannot help you, then you will need to wait until the removal orders are finally processed.