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Regan Blee


I need to correct you …. the ones you describe as “the simple ones with pressure / friction mounting” are not friction mounting.  They are type ‘2. The expanding model with screw-in doormounts’ as I described in my earlier message.  They MUST be sold with screw-in doormounts and not as friction mounting.  This is an important product feature.
The screw-in doormounts are for safety and make this type of bar safer than the Umi one which is pressure mounted.

This is the type I wanted to go for because as you rightly say with the simple ones, given the small friction area, I am concerned about stability as well as the friction area causing damage to the door frame. The only way to mitigate this in my mind is to go for a product that has a bigger friction area, of which I see only this UMI product on the first page.

If the doormounts are used for type 2, then your comments about “small friction area” are not relevant nor correct.  (Also, perhaps you should reread my earlier reply as I don’t believe I said that ‘simpler one’ relies on a small friction area (or friction at all)

I say all this to make sure you are assessing the bars correctly and make the right decision (it’s up to you to decide and you may still choose the Umi style which is fine).

It is interesting what you say about the ratings.  The average ratings in the USA for established brands are 4.5 for type 2 (with doormounts) and 4.0 for type 3 (UMI style).