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Philippe A

Hi Regan
I can see the prices coming down a little bit already
The Corona premium seems to be slowly weaning off
Anyway, I wanted to check something with you
If I go through the page 1 results
I notice that there is plenty of the over the door types and of the simple ones with pressure / friction mounting
The only one that looks a little more professional and which sells at a premium is the UMI model (also pressure / friction mounted)
This is the type I wanted to go for because as you rightly say with the simple ones, given the small friction area, I am concerned about stability as well as the friction area causing damage to the door frame. The only way to mitigate this in my mind is to go for a product that has a bigger friction area, of which I see only this UMI product on the first page.
Should that be a reason for concern?
In the sense that market demand tends favour the simple model (probably price driven) in spite of the arguably lower quality as confirmed by the rating (many of these having 3.5 – 4 stars).
What are your views on that?