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Nathan S
Nathan S

Hello again Amanda,

That sounds good. But I have a couple of follow-up questions to your recent response:

1. So, if I was nervous about doing both, you’re suggesting just using the automated “Request a Review” feature? I would have thought the personalized three email sequence would be more effective. But I could be wrong. Just wanting to make sure that’s what you meant.

2. If I do decide to use both, when should I send out the automated “Request a Review” feature? The third email from the REAL training video says to send the third email (which asks for a review) between 7-10 days after delivery. So when would it make sense to have the automated “Request a Review” sent out that MBS offers? I just want to make sure it’s sent at the right time so it doesn’t anger the customer and flows good with the three email sequence.

3. If Amazon starts cracking down on that eventually, what will they do? Suspend my account? Or just ask me to change things up? And would they warn us about this?

Sorry for all the additional questions.


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