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Joanna Y

Hello Regan,

thank you very much for your feedback!

Yes, you are right. I checked my PPC (lifetime exact match campaign running for 1 year now) for the keywords which are driving the most sales. Those are very similar keywords (please see attachment).

After I increased the price a few hours ago (from 19.99 to 20.99) the sales dropped and my ranking for the main keyword dropped from position 9 to 12. I will run an A/B test for one week with each price.

After I changed the images – I can not say the sales/conversion significantly increased. But sessions increased for sure.

I noticed, that my bullet points are a bit longer than the bullets from my competitors. I would say – my bullets are more keyword stuffed.

To tell you the truth – I am pretty happy with 20 sales a day – but if I could do something about increasing my conversions – I would definitely do that! But I am testing for one year now – and somehow the conversion is not increasing :-(.

New Enhanced Brand Content – maybe I should do that?

Is my strategy good with tweaking my listing?

First images, now price and later bullet points?

I will rewatch Modul 8 again.

Thank you again Regan for helping me!!!!