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Thank you Regan – I should qualify that the comment on ‘200’ refers to launching new products in my case. I am all over the max quantity for my existing product – interestingly it looks as though Amazon’s backlog and inbound delay which had me out of stock for 3 days and selling thru another product last week has gone against me there with a sudden reduction in my IPI – however with 3pl I can work around this. I am allowed just under 8000 units at a time at the moment. I think the challenge for me is getting my new (and seasonally relevant but now restricted) products in and ranked stably for the peak selling period – particularly given the quantities I’m planning. I was considering posting my supplier negotiation thoughts – I’ve been crunching the numbers all day while also considering the consequences of this latest development. Until yesterday I thought I had a week or 2 up my sleeve, now it’s a day or so.