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Regan Blee
Regan Blee

1) Suggested Bids are higher than the fixed Default Bid:

PPC ad prices vary across products and keywords so there is no set figure to use.  The default bid of $0.60 in the video is just an EXAMPLE of what it could be for ‘Clown Wigs’ – $0.60 was not a suggestion or recommendation for what you should use for your products.  Sorry if that was not clear.

So your bids should be whatever is appropriate for your product.  By the sounds of what you said, it will be higher then $0.60.  When setting up the campaign, Amazon provides a ‘Suggested Bid Range’.  You could safely pick mid-way in that range.  But you can go higher if you like.   Obviously that may increase your costs but might get you slightly better research results.
For a Research Campaign, your true objectives are to identify new keywords and to determine which keywords are likely to perform well.  So 2 things to keep in mind are:

  1. you need to get good impressions volumes for as many keywords as you can.  If you bid low, then your product will not get shown for some keywords.  Therefore no impressions, no clicks, no sales ==> which means no data for your research.  So do not be afraid to bid high.
  2. Performance of your ads, e.g. ACOS, is not your key driver for a Research campaign so don’t get concerned over that.  Control your Ad spend at the Campaign budget level.  Then set your bids at whatever level is required to get a good number of impressions.

Yes, this approach applies to Broad, exact and Phrase matches in a research campaign.

2) If I am pretty sure that a KW is a top converting KWs, should I add it directly to “Top Converting” Campaign right from the beginning ?

How would you know what is a top converting keyword until you have research data?   I’m not sure that you can.

Firstly, the training says that you add keywords to your Top Converting campaign once you’ve seen them produce satisfactory results in your Research campaign.  You find those keywords by analysing your Search Term.  In other words, the ‘Top Converting Campaign’ is set up more than 1 or 2 weeks after your Automatic and Research campaigns.

But if you are eager, you could start your ‘Top Converting’ campaign straight away with just your main keyword (maybe, you can add the 2nd most important other keyword to the campaign if you think it is critical to your product’s ranking success).  Your main keyword will always be in the ‘Top Converting’ campaign, even if it is not performing well from an ACOS perspective.  Why?  Because ranking for your main keyword is critical for your product’s success.  PPC will help bolster and improve that ranking.

Obviously, your ‘Top Converting’ campaign grows over time as you get into the regular cycle of analysing your search term report.

3. Module 10, Video 15 question “Lower bids on keywords that don’t perform in manual campaign”?

The ad performance of keywords is not static.  It may improve or decline based upon changes in the market, and the change in ad bids with changing competition.  So, you need to regularly review your manual campaigns to make sure each keyword is still performing well and is not wasting money.

Reducing bids on Exact-match keywords is covered in the video on the Slide “Optimise to stop wasted spend” starting at 0:30.
Basically, it allows you to give an poor-performing Exact-match another chance.  By reducing the bids, it is a way to curb runaway costs while seeing if the keyword performs better at lower bids (and therefore has less impressions or shows in a lower position or page).

No, it doesn’t mean that you “need to continuously reduce the bids of the Top Converting KWs”.  It is just a way to manage costs on the few that are currently not performing well.
You said “I still need to keep them (and make the ad show up)“.  I’m not sure that is correct.  Apart from your main keyword, I think there will be very few ppc keywords where you need to keep them if they are making a loss.

There is a fine balance between managing PPC costs and managing rankings and sales, but it is all workable.  I recommend that you methodically work through the process defined in Isaac’s videos.  Remember that you don’t need to do it all at once.  Most of the steps related to Top converting campaigns and to optimising your campaigns actually occur after you’ve built up a couple week’s of data.  Then you repeat your optimisation process every 3 or 4 weeks.  If you work on it progressively over the coming weeks, I’m confident that it will all fall into place for you.

I hope all that was helpful.