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Yisrael S
Yisrael S

Hey Isaac and Regan,

I don’t suppose there is a way to make that a different color at some point?

Actually there is no problem at all changing the color. What did you have in mind?

or actually show a knife with the angle guide being sharpened?

I get the point I’ll be sending this to my designer I’m sure they can work something out. We already have something like that in the lifestyle images see attached photo. Although i think that we need a new one because it looks to me like a poor job let me know what you think.


Why don’t you use a real photo of the product

I get your point i just thought that it was less attractive please sea real photo attached.

ou could also experiment with a model’s hand holding the knife on the block

Please see photo 3.jpg attached and let me know what you think.