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Isaac Kuhlman
Isaac Kuhlman

Hey Max,

I think the main problem with the products you are analyzing is that you must have filtered a lot of products out for some reason or you found these products in some way that a lot of other sellers look for products, because there are a lot of similar products that everyone that goes into the Kitchen category chooses.

One product is different which I haven’t seen before is the “flex edge beater”…I don’t know what that is, but it is not something I have seen before.

Now, I am not saying that you can’t sell any of these products, but you have a pretty limited number of products on the list. I would say that you should probably have another 10-15 products that are added using the Product Ideation training we have in Module 3 of our Sprint to Profit videos.

Have you gone through that training yet? I think you may have, but I am not sure that you branched it out far enough to get some new ideas.

The recipe box is an okay product, but it’s not going to bring a lot back. Which is okay for a 1st product. Get your feet wet with a pretty easy product (ideally), and then pick some more stable sellers.

What was your process to add these products to your list?

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