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Amanda Tucker

Hey Johnny,

Good job on the Creative Brief.  Here are some thoughts and feedback for you:

Logo suitability: You will probably not need to add the items below, so if you could leave this off to keep the brief succinct and focused:

  • Online assets, Social Media Marketing (Instagram,FB,Tik Tok,)
  • Marketing Advertising Printing.
  • Sales Channels Specifications ( Shopify,)
  • Printed materials, e.g letterhead, business cards etc.

The describe words you selected (copied below) didn’t quite feel in alignment with your young target market (25-35yr)?   The words seem more relevant for an older target market?

  • Trustworthy, Healthy, Family-friendly, Modern, Clean

I wondered if you wanted to actually include Homebodies and foodies as the descriptive words to keep it a tight brief OR use a descriptive word or phrase that conveys this?  But also to capture the younger target market (and I couldn’t remember why you only focused on this post-college/young adult niche), maybe add a word that describes their attitude.   I am not sure if ‘clean’ means anything to a designer, so you can switch this up?

Color preference – you don’t need to include logos with the color but you can add a screen-shot of shade you like – for example: search for ‘eco-friendly color palette’ on google images and you can include the color ranges you like. (it might even give you more ideas too)

Font style – I would leave this off.  Unless you have a specific reason why.

Logo examples – show the logos you LOVE that fit your brand (green life is a good choice, I agree) so that the designer can make sure you can compete with them at the same level.   (note:  ‘simplehuman’ seemed a mismatch from your brief because it was ‘face-less’ so even though they could be a competitor you don’t really want to follow that style, so i would replace it with one that you do want to follow?)

One final idea.. and sorry to latch onto your target market, but if you are focusing on a younger market, you can have some fun with the logo … here is something I found when I hopped onto google.  This is just an illustration of how you can appeal to a niche in a fun way 🙂  (you might not be a fan, but it’s one direction)