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Carl C
Carl C

Great thank you so much Isaac, – A Ha ! Thanks, I hadn’t looked at the name from that perspective and see exactly what you mean it may be ‘read’ as a rival to/against eco products and I also had a comment that a ‘Rival/Rivalry’ is sometimes seen in a negative connotation.

My other finalists are:

Do you think I should park and post my alternative short list that meets url, company name and US/UK/EU trademark availability as a fresh ‘What Brand Name’ Members Forum post…?
Do you think any of the above ‘tick’ the box as I like them all (all my perfect ones have all gone!) ???

Thanks everso much for the feedback.

In quick response to your questions (I don’t think I can answer ‘in’ the post).

i) Their income/career is there because they ‘can and don’t mind spending a bit more’, as they’ve ‘earned it and can afford it’.

ii) What product types?
My main focus is eco-friendly non-plastic home and kitchenware (not health, beauty, food). such as bamboo kitchen and cutlery items, stainless steel lunchboxes, stainless steel and bamboo straws, coconut bowls and plates, beeswax paper, bamboo dish brushes, hemp and loofah kitchen sponges etc.

iii) Why the ‘Young Professionals’ Reference? –
Yes, for elite status, price is less relevant to them (they happy to pay for a premium product as long as it delivers), ‘busy’ as in they need to feel they can trust the brand and packaging as they don’t have lots of time to research.

I have friends in this category who ‘buy’ based on highly visible ‘at a glance’ eco-logos and icons on the packaging.

They have also made a point of saying, hey look at this XYZ product I found, it works as well as a plastic one but costs about the same.

QUESTION: Do you think my BPS is lacking anywhere or it needs fine tuning – or should I run with it?

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