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Amanda Tucker
Amanda Tucker

Here is a recommendation for you:

Is anyone in need of a VA to track your metrics (not customer service though). She is based in the Philippines @ USD $8.00 per hour. – Racquel M. (Racquel is also known as Khay Jocson Mercado) .  Say Amanda Tucker Recommended her.

  • More than 2-years experience with us and fully trained on Amazon reporting – the REAL Coaching way  😉
  • Skilled in data extraction from SC across 6 marketplaces – (Sessions / unit% / UPD / Value Sales)
  • Skilled in data extraction from each Amazon listing (.com,, fr, it, es) based on page position for KW, your competitors’, price, reviews and review scores
  • Experienced in basic excel/ dropbox /googlesheets (but not a guru)
  • Trained to update the REAL Coaching Metric trackers!
  • Available 7 days a week and highly reliable!!
  • Reason for availability: 100% recommend VA with a strong work ethic, great work output, but our needs might be surplus to requirements.

-Just an FYI, she is not skilled as a Customer Service VA (as English is her 2nd language and she is not comfortable with CS). Additionally, she is not trained to analyze data, only log it.


My TOP HIRING TIPS/recommendations to anyone who is interested, :

  1. Please be very clear with her with what you need and when you need it.
  2. Send her the Metrics spreadsheet you would like her to update.
  3. It is always good practice to send a spreadsheet that you have already started to complete so that she can see the previous few day’s/week’s data. This includes you adding the URL’s for your products and the KWs you would like tracked. (there are additional examples on our members site under SOP > Metrics Tracking SOPs, if you need it.
  4. Please note, she will be only doing data input/tracking vs data analysis.
  5. Please set up payment via upwork (see link here:
  6. Give her access to your Seller Account as a secondary user (there is an SOP in the member’s areas > SOP > Seller Account SOPs > How To Create A Sub-Account for Your Seller Account (Purpose: To give a Virtual Assistant (VA) limited access and separate login credentials to your seller account)
  7. And of course … be gentle with her, English is her 2nd language but she works hard, she is very diligent and she’ll do a great job, she is a gun at data input – just make sure she knows what you want 😉