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Isaac Kuhlman

Posting here so everyone can see it more easily:

Ideal Client

  • Busy professionals that have worked hard to get where they are on the career ladder and as such have a little bit of extra disposable income (Can I just ask what does their income and career ladder information have to do with their interest in your brand?) and who are eco-conscious in that they do care about their footprint on the planet and feel that how we live today will impact their children and future generations. But they would not want to be seen as tree huggers or eco warriors, nor are they evangelical and ‘preachy’ in their eco beliefs. But they do want to do their bit for the planet, bit by bit. (The last half of this is spot on)
  • They are environmentally aware about the impact their buying decisions have on the planet, so where possible they tend to lean towards eco-friendly, recyclable, sustainable branded products which they are proud to leave on display in their homes.
  • They are intelligent shoppers that always take that little extra time when shopping, where possible, to look for and buy eco-friendly, sustainable and low plastic products but never at the sacrifice of product performance.  If one product next to another on the shelf has a recyclable or Fairtrade logo on it compared to another, they’ll always buy the recycled or Fairtrade product (as long as it’s not twice the price). Again these two paragraphs are great.
  • They are happy to spend that  little bit extra for a branded eco-friendly alternative as long as it lives up to it’s promises and looks and performs as well or better than the equivalent leading mainstream non-eco product.
  • They believe that everyone has a responsibility towards their planet, environment and it’s future and that starts with them and their family. They walk the walk by making conscious informed decisions when buying goods as to whether the product’s manufacture or disposal has an impact on the environment. My main question from you is what types of products are we talking about for this brand? Because “eco-friendly” products run across EVERY category including Food, Health & Beauty, and everything in between.

Market Definition : Category that people identify with in their lives

  • Eco Rivals is the home and kitchen brand for customers that want eco-friendly branded products that perform equally or better than mainstream products and they don’t mind paying a little bit extra for such products. They believe they should do their bit for the environment, bit by bit.

Brand Promise most importantly benefits to your ideal client – rational and emotional.

  • Provides good quality, well priced home and kitchen goods specifically for the eco-conscious busy young professional (Again, I am not sure what the “young professional” has to do with this interest?? Just seems to be added in here for a bit of an elite status?), who want to feel good about themselves for shopping in an environmentally conscious way for products that perform as well or better than their traditional mainsteam counterparts.  They feel confident and proud of their purchases and especially when they can have them subtly (but deliberately) on display and can use them as talking points among their friends.

Reason to believe: Personal reasons people can trust you and compelling evidence

  • We are busy environmentally aware people ourselves who care about our planet and how our buying habits impact the environment and our children’s future  – whether it’s the manufacture of the product, it’s packaging or it’s disposal. The team at EcoRivals work hard to research and test each and every one of our eco-friendly products and are 100% confident that they will look and perform as well or better than it’s mainstream rival. Our products are true EcoRivals that are better for our planet and in turn for you – our customers.