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Yisrael S
Yisrael S

Hi, Isaac here are the new bullet points.

💠 FINALLY, SLICE WITH EASE – At the end of a tiring day, the best way to meal prep is to make sure you have the right tools and accessories. It’s time to make FOOD PREP EASIER. Our Sharpening Stone will change your slicing from a struggle to a peaceful graceful and relaxing experience. Save your workout for the gym. A fine and gentle slice also RETAINS MORE NUTRIENTS in your food. You’ll CRY LESS cutting onions too. You’ll wonder why you didn’t buy this tool years ago


💠 SLICE PRECISELY AND STAY IN CONTROL – You deserve protection while cooking. A sharp blade is predictable. When it strikes across the food’s surface it won’t slip. A SHARP KNIFE WILL GO WHERE YOU WANT IT TO GO. Our Whetstone INCLUDES a SHARPENING STAND; and an anti-slide bamboo base with a rubber seal to keep the honing stone steady, protecting YOU and your kitchen surface from any possible damage


💠 SAVE TIME – Saving yourself time in the kitchen is as easy as using a finer cut to create your meals. Smaller pieces of food cook faster, so when you’re eager to prepare something quickly, make those pieces extra small. Instead of spending tons of time (and risking your fingertips) chopping with a dull knife, invest in our sharpening stone and make it easier to cut food quickly, shaving off precious kitchen time in the process so that you can spend more time with your family.


💠SAVE ENERGY – Constantly buying new knives or sending them to a sharpening service is frustrating and can waste valuable time, money and energy. Save your energy and donations for a better cause rather than pouring your money into knife vendors. A few moments with this whetstone and your knife will be better than new


💠 OH YEAH – SAVE MONEY – Dull luxury knives are useless. With our kit you’ll be rest assured to earn back your knife expenses fast. Our 1000/6000 Grit Stone can be used over and over again without wearing out. We use special white-fused alumina which gives the stone EXTRA long life that can keep you calm for a long time. YOU WILL NEVER NEED ANOTHER SHARPENER KIT. Our 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE is backed by the manufacturer with a replacement warranty; Enjoy by clicking on ADD TO CART today

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