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Amin E
Amin E

Thanks Kevin, I also want to share with the inspection company I used for pre shipment inspection for my product, The company name is ”V-Trust”, They are very detail oriented, They’re working with big corporations like McDonald, IKEA and BMW.

Their price is fair ($268/paypal is accepted) although a bit more expensive compare to alibaba inspection, but their sample size is 5 times larger than alibaba inspection. They provided me with a 55 pages long report, full of pictures and videos, it is a very detailed report, it includes everything from walking in the factory and showing around the office space to notes of the inspector written in Chinese, and of course million of photos and videos taken of the product as well


They are very flexible, and if there is something that you may be concerned about, and you want to make sure to it is inspected, you can easily send them an email or request it when creating a pre-shipment inspection, and they’ll take care of it for you at no extra cost.

I’ll be using them for myself in the future, I just wish they were listed on REAL resource Vault

Stay safe my friend 🙂