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Ulrika I

Hi Isaac.

Yes, completely different direction. Recovery/injury is too complex for me as too many diverse ailments which may make it very difficult for research and later marketing.

The new BPS is for organizational stuff/storage/racks/trays etc. Thinking it can cover most things people do in life. Seems way more straightforward to me.

What do you reckon?

Brand name still in the works. I have TM/brandregistered brand called ‘armadillo pro-tec’ that could work. Would have to work on the logo. The name is maybe not ideal as possibly a bit too techie, but perhaps not entirely wrong either. I’m thinking of not having the ‘pro-tec’ in the logo, and instead maybe something like Armadillo Homeware/studio/home/solutions. Or Solutions by Armadillo…etc etc

Please let me know your thoughts.