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Amanda Tucker
Amanda Tucker


Hey Stefan,

There was quite a bit in your post which made it a little difficult find top Brand name ideas. Aside from the prework, what are the top Brand name options you feel are a possible good fit for your BPS?  I have assumed the ones in your excel were the ones you preferred?   If yes, I have numbered them below so people can comments and vote.

My feedback – The ‘Better Golf, Better Golfer, Causal golfer’, seemed a bit too general in style, like a general store vs a Singel Brand.  But I did personally like your use of names that included ‘golfing terms’ and ‘types of clubs’). So I had one more option for for you – – (the) Birdie Driver   (then domain could be :

Were these your top picks?

  1. Better Golf
  2. Better Golfer
  3. Casual Golfer
  4. Fore!Golf
  5. Golf Revolution
  6. Golf Roayale
  7. golfer’s edge
  8. Green Golf
  9. Green Tee
  10. Happy Golfer
  11. Happy Slicer
  12. More Birdies
  13. More golf
  14. Mulligan
  15. Nerdy Golfer
  16. Procella Golf
  17. Realgolfers
  18. Tee Time
  19. warrior golfer
  20. Yogolf
  21. (the) Birdie Driver (I just added this)


To make it easier for forum members/coaches:  Here was your BPS:

To:  Everyday Golf players who are passionate about their sport but they are not and don’t aim to be pros. They want to improve their skills and win the game, but it’s also important to have fun, meet new and old friends, and network with business colleagues.

The majority of the target group are between 30 and 60 years old who play golf 4-8 times a month during the golfing season.

They have high requirements for both the quality and style of their equipment and believe it makes them a better golfer. They want to play the game in style with products that convey they are good golfers.

Market Definition: “Procella” (to be re-branded) is the stylish golf equipment brand for average golfers that want to improve their game but don’t want to pay the premium prices for the big brand’s products.

That: Over-delivers high quality, affordable golf accessories that help you feel confident and focus on the golf game while looking good, so your time on the green becomes even more pleasant.

That’s because: We are golf players ourselves and we know how difficult the golf game is and what you can do to improve it, and how important it is that you can rely on your equipment so it doesn’t fail when you need it the most.

We meticulously research and test our products under the harshest conditions to ensure that you get the best quality at an affordable price and promise to bring you stuff that WORKS, so you don’t have to spend time testing!

We back all our products with a “No Let Down” guarantee to keep you safe.