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Regan Blee
Regan Blee

That was a great first draft of the bullets.  Well done.  As we discussed on the call, you should avoid keyword stuffing to try to get more naturally flowing english that speaks to your ideal client.  Also the first few bullets needs the core benefit to be highlighted better.

I’ve pasted below the revised wording that we discussed in the call.  It’s not perfect but hopefully gets across my feedback.  Feel free to change it to suit your own voice.

Dog Lift Harness – Dog Sling For Large Dogs Hind Leg Support – Makes Lifting Rear Legs of Bigger Canines Easier – Comfortably Supports Back Legs and Hips – For Elderly Or Handicapped Dogs


YOUR DOG IS MOBILE AGAIN – This Dog Lift Harness makes mobility easy for you and your dog. Go up and down the stairs – in and out of your car – and from the down to the stand position easily.  Simply wrap the Dog Sling around your dog’s body and gently lift him/her up

MOVE IN COMFORT AND WITHOUT PAIN – you can now help your beloved old dog to move without pain and the extra thick and soft fleece lining will keep your old dog comfortable while enjoying your help

DON’T WORRY IF YOUR DOG IS HEAVY – This Dog Lifter is made of strong and durable material. Because it’s well made and sturdy, it is tough enough to hold the weight of your large senior or handicapped dog

AVOID YOUR OWN BACK PAIN – The adjustable strap of this Dog Harness enables you to stand straight while lifting your old canine pal – You do not have to bend over to help him/her anymore

A HAPPIER DOG – The Dog Lift Harness provides hind leg support so your elderly dog will be able to forget his/her rear legs pain and live happier everyday. As pet parents, that is all we want to see