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Amanda Tucker

For this one,  request a call from Amazon SC and ask them to walk you through the issue.

If you need to reduce the title for the Character limits for the kitchen category, have a reduced title ready so you can update with SC on the phone.

Your aim is to:

  • speak to the Amazon SC catalog team
  • ask them to review the issue and tell you how to fix it
  • and for them to WAIT on the phone with you and walk you through step- by step, how to change your title.  You don’t want them to leave the call until the title has been accepted and there is no system error.

Here is how you request a call:

*** ignore the yellow box under #1 which details ‘category’, yours is the one above ‘fixing a product page’, but you won’t select that either because it won’t put you through to an agent – Choose the investigate other option