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Debble W
Debble W

Hi Isaac

Thank you for your detailed feedback.  Are the keywords run in the USA or UK as I am not picking up these search volumes – and think this is half my problem.  I am picking up on Helium 10 UK – curry powder search volume is 2798 and not 16585? In the file attached (previously) I showed the Helium 10 search volumes for UK.  If the search volumes are so low I am thinking I will never gain traction on these products and should move onto another product (for Majestic Peacock)??  Or at least have other products during the year and not just peak season (where these sets do well).

I do have a lot of the spice keywords in my back end under search terms and will again review these based on the below and put them in order.  I will also check my campaigns and target the main keywords only.

Thanks again, much appreciated.

Kind regards