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Nathan S
Nathan S

Hi Isaac/Regan,

I’ve been swamped lately at work and unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend tomorrow’s coaching call due to work commitments. And while I’m not quite done yet with my new 3 part email sequence, based on your feedback, I’m making progress. And I expect to be done with the drafts by sometime this weekend. The only reason I say “this weekend” is because I’m undergoing a minor surgery procedure on Friday at the VA. I’m not making excuses or anything. But I just wanted you to know that I’m still committed to getting these email sequences re-done! As proof that I’m not just giving lip service, here’s the first draft of the first new email:

Subject: Be prepared to be prepared – Your 11-in-1 Survival Kit is on the way!

Hello fellow prepper,

Thank you for purchasing the Phase 2 Tactical 11-in-1 Survival Kit! Whether you’re a survivalist, outdoor enthusiast, ex-military, or you just want to ensure that you and your family are prepared for the worst case scenario, rest assured that you’ve made an excellent decision in purchasing this product! I just know you’re going to love it when it arrives at your doorstep!

You took a chance with us and could have easily went with another product and company. But you chose Phase 2 Tactical. I do not take that lightly and am honored to have the privilege of serving you

I may not know you personally. But the fact that you’re being proactive in the safety and survival of you and your family says a lot about you and your character. You take matters into our own hands and don’t rely on others to do what you know needs to be done. You realize that this world is getting unstable and unpredictable. You know that it’s not a matter of IF the crap hits the fan, but WHEN. And when it does, you’ll be ready.

I sincerely hope you never need this survival kit. But if you do, I know you’ll be in good hands! If you ever need us for anything, simply reply to this email and we’ll be in touch.

We Will Succeed!

Owner, Phase 2 Tactical