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Amanda Tucker
Amanda Tucker

For the Waterproof lighter, as this has a lithium battery, yes you will need to get advanced approval from AMAZON before you ship into amazon for this ‘hazardous material’.  This is because Amazon will need to store and transport this product within HAZMAT approved fulfillment facilities. Search for HAZMAT  or ‘hazardous goods’ on Amazon Seller Central for their guidelines.

When you speak to your Sourcing Agent, Andy, ask for him to provide freight based on a product that contains a lithium battery and also to help you understand the shipping and packaging requirements for these products.

As a topline: It’s important to know and execute your shipments following the current requirements. Having the correct markings, packaging and documentation for your shipment makes all of the difference. Compliant transportation of lithium batteries is critical – from both a safety and financial perspective. Asking the right questions upfront and adhering to the latest guidelines, are essential for all products that are or contain a lithium battery.